New blog and first post

Finally, my blog and first post is out in the field!

Why this blog?

First of all: just for fun 😄. But not only that, I was missing a place where I could write and share my ideas and experiences, if I wanted to. During my career I did a lot of projects for a variety of customers but never took time to note, write and share my findings so others could learn from them. Also, when I did have a topic or subject, I didn’t have a personalized platform that I’m feeling connected to. Linkedin, to businessy. Wordpress, to common. You name it 😉.

That’s why I started to build my own blog setup and took the chance to have a blast with new technologoy like static site generators (currently I’m using HUGO for this) and Azure DevOps with CI/CD pipelines. I won’t go in details about this, sooo many other fellow bloggers did a multitude of blog posts around that subject. Check out these blogs if you’re interested;

Why the name ‘Code speedlane’?

In this fast pacing world where new tech and announcements are quickly following up each other. I’m imagining that we are on a highway of info and announcements that never stops. On this highway there is one lane, the speedlane, where you try to find the limit of your car, motorcycle or just yourself. This was the inspiration of this blog title, I hope it sticks..

Code speedlane I’m not even sure if that is a genuine English phrase or word, but I like it 😉.

How to stay up-to-date?

Currently I don’t have a complete end-to-end process in place for this. One of the options is to use the integrated RSS feed for getting notified of my upcoming posts. Another option is to link or follow me on Linkedin or Twitter. I’m not super active on both platforms but I will definitely post a message so you get informed about a new post.

What can you expect?

I don’t want to set the expectations too high off course, this is all pretty new to me. But I have some topics in mind, that are definitely blogging material. I’m currently working on a few projects which include Azure Functions, PowerShell, ARM templates, etc. So stay tuned!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me or comment below if you have any questions or suggestions!